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The World Group Promise

We've got a set of values that we live by. Our promise to you is to be the best that we can. We'll offer you exceptional value for money, the highest product quality and an unsurpassasble installation service.

It's important to us to know that we are working in line with the promise every single day. If you think we've broken this promise to you, contact one of the management team directly using the links below. If you think we've been true to our word, or better still, gone above and beyond, using the same links below, drop us a line and we'll reward the relevant staff members!

Cliff Spooner - Our Chairman

Cliff Spooner | World Group Chairman

Cliff started the business off and is still a key player in our management team. He sits as the Chairman on our Board of Directors and is very domestic sales focussed on a day to day basis.

Nikki Dickinson - Director

Nikki Dickinson | Director

Nikki is one of our Directors, looking after the internal systems, logistical, strategic planning and procurement aspects of World Group. Out of World Group she's a PT with her own studio.

Matthew Spooner - Director

Matthew Spooner | Director

Matthew is one of our Directors, heading up the sales, advertising/marketing and commercial aspects of World Group. Outside of World Group he is a keen football fan.

Sarah Dickinson - Director

Sarah Dickinson  | Director

Sarah is one of our Directors, she controls the finance side of World Group and oversees the Installation Coordination. Outside of World Group she's a mother to three lovely kids.