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Carports, Canopies & Verandas

Our Simplicity Series features a range of Carports, Canopies and Verandas which have been designed specially to add style, practicality and elegance to your home, or commercial property.

Our range of durable and attractive aluminium structures come with a range of roofing panels and post sizes which allows you to choose the structure that is perfect for your needs, and keep this in line with your budget, too. The Simplicity Carport offers you durability, versatility and more importantly is available with an infinite length which means you can protect one car, or fifty cars! This robust system is also supplied with a ten year guarantee.

The modern, stylish and elegant appearance combined with the robust characteristics of aluminium as a material create an attractive finish and allows for quick installation. Whatsmore, the polycarbonate glazing options available in clear or opal offer in excess of 98% UV protection which reduces the risk of paintwork fading or corroding on your vehicle.

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Benefits & Features

  • Full 10 Year Guarantee - and a 25 year life expectancy
  • Fully Aluminium System - including heave duty structural roof bars for ultimate strength
  • Stainless Steel Fixings - all of the fixings are marine grade steel for a extended longevity and resistance
  • Integral Aluminium Guttering - saving us time on installation
  • Wide Range of Colours - coming in white as standard, our system can be coloured to any BS or RAL colour code
  • Variable Pitch - the garden shelter has a variable pitch of between 2.5° and 45°
  • Infrared Heaters Available - add infrared heat spots to your product to create a warm, cosy area for socialising or al-fresco dining
  • Glazing Upgrades Available - upgrade to glass units for a superior product
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What can I use a Garden Shelter for?

It really depends on what type of property you're buying for. A domestic home could see a carport erected to make the typical British weather less of a nuisance when running backwards and forward with bags of shopping, a garden veranda makes a perfect location to wine and dine guests in the summer months, schools utilise the shelters as a bike storage facility for the pupils and office blocks often install the shelters as a smoking area for staff.

Whatever your needs, our team will be able to guide you and find the best product available to suit your requirements.

Gallery: Carports, Canopies & Verandas

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