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Roller Shutter Doors

Automated, insulated roller shutter garage doors from World Group, available in a wide range of colours, are an ideal solution for people who want to improve the appearance of their home at the same time as gaining valuable space in their garage.

The shield that we install at the head of the door ensures that our customers are completely protected from accidental finger entrapment and provides an attrative finish to the door curtain. Obviously, another risk is walking under the door as it's closing, and coming into contact with the door. To ensure this doesn't happen, we fit a safety edge as standard that has an emergency sensor enclosed in it. This sensor will stop and reverse the door if it senses an obstruction: Ideal for protecting yourself, your car and anything else you may look to move in and out of the garage.

To ensure that the door acts as a thermal and acoustic barrier protecting your house and garage from the elements, we fit weather seals to the bottom of the door, and use insulated lathes to keep the sound and weather coming from outside..outside! Whatsmore, we use the highest level of security and provide the door with built in autolocks - this means when the door is closed, a spring clamp device holds the door down tight. This is ideal if you're thinking of fitting an alarm system.

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Can I use my Roller Garage Door in a power cut?

It's a common misconception that the doors can't be used if there's a power cut.

Well, in some respects, that is partially true. However, at World Group, we make sure that our doors have the manual override facility. We supply you with a connector and crank handle, so that in the event of a power cut, you can still get in and out of the garage through the door. Our technical teams will be happy to demonstrate this on your day of installation.

If you want to chat this over in more detail, call us on 01228 599777.

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