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Window, Door and Conservatory Blinds

Whether you're looking for retro-fit blinds, blinds inside the glazed unit or even simple roller blinds, we've got a full range of blinds that perfectly compliment your new or existing Windows, Doors and Conservatory.

Available in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles, all with simple operation. For more information, read into the blind types below, or contact us to arrange your free, no obligation home visit and quotation.

Integral Blinds operate with a magnet and pulley system. This eliminates the need for permanently fixed cords that can be dangerous for young children and animals.

Integral Blinds

Integral Blinds

Integral Blinds sound more complex than they are! They're simply a blind that is enclosed within a sealed glazed unit. They offer elegance, easy magnet and pulley operation and eliminate the need for dusting blinds - that can prove quite fiddly!

Available in a range of colours, we're able to match in with the window colour or the internal decoration meaning you can make a bold statement with the blinds or let them blend in with the surroundings.

These blinds can be fit with the new windows, doors and conservatory or installed into existing products as a replacement glazed unit. Prices for replacement start at £180 and vary dependant on size but we think they are a great way to make your window or door more practical.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds are fast becoming the most popular 'retro-fit' blinds on the market place. The blind simply clips in behind the glazing bead and makes these compatible with most modern double glazing.

Perfect Fit blinds, sometimes referred to as Easy Fit Blinds or Snug Fit Blinds are available from £50 per unit of glass, prices varying on the size of the glazed area. The wide colour range makes them a versatile product able to match in with all decoration styles and colour schemes.

Perfect Fit Door Blinds

Window, Door, Conservatory Blinds FAQ's

  • Will the blinds have a guarantee? - Yes, depending on the product there will be either a 5 or 10 year guarantee. The guarantee does not cover labour.
  • How much will the blinds cost? - If it's perfect fit blinds you're after, on average they'll be £70-£100 per unit of glass. If it's intergral, this will vary massively dependant on style, colour and operation. £150 is a good starting price per unit of glass.
  • Can I buy them and fit them myself? - Yes, you can buy them supply only from us and fit them, they do need care and attention to detail. You'll need to be extra careful with the perfect fit blinds so that you don't crack the glass when removing and refitting the glazing beads.

Window, Door, Conservatory Blinds

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