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Attic Storage Systems

We all do it; We fill the attic with mounds and mounds of clothes, photographs, toys and sentimental 'junk'! Wouldn't it be handy if there was a space saving solution that kept your loft space tidy and still useable? Speak to World Group...

We have a fully bespoke insulated loft storage system that offers elevated storage with room for insulation underneat, without too much compromise on head room. It keeps your attic in some form of order and eliminates the storage obstacle course you've spent years creating! If you need to, we can also install a new hatch and/or loft access ladder.

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Attic Insulation

Insulated Loft Storage Solution

Our innovative Insulated Loft Storage Solution is a unique and complete solution to combat messy attic spaces and poor thermal efficiency. We use a raised 175mm platform fixed directly on to an existing 100mm celiing joist and then we fill the created cavity with a quilt insulation - this is often already present. The reasoning behind the 275mm elevation is purely down to the Government guidelines that an insulation blanket of 270mm will achieve a u-value of 0.16! Read more on this link here. The raised platform is crucial, if the floorboards are lay directly on to the insulation quilts, they compress and lose their thermal efficiency by up to 60%!

Already tried and tested across Cumbria, our lightweight storage system is quick and easy to install, with average material costs on a 2 bedroom semi detatched house in Carlisle coming in at around £300! For a trained Loft Storage installers this should just be a days work so labour costs are minimal.

Roof Truss Storage Platforms

Roof truss voids are generally just wasted space. You can't really storage much in there are the average floorboard job doesn't cover those areas. However, with our Roof Truss Storage Platforms we're able to create strudy, useable and discreet storage bays that keep your attic tidy and organised.

Like our Insulated Loft Storage Solution, we don't compormise the thermal performance of the insulation quilts, but we do eliminate your self created attic obstacle course!

With costs starting from £800 for a full attic/loft (whatever you call it!) storage install, the storage solutions offer clean, tidy, sturdy storage for your junk, sentimental items and suitcases!

Space Saving Attic Storage

What will it cost?

Costs do vary depending on house size, amount of attic space transformed and whether or not the insulation quilts are already present in the attic space. We have previously installed jobs from as little as £540, ranging up to £1800 for the larger jobs. The average price is around £900 for a fully designed and complete solution.

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Attic Storage: Gallery

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