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Thanks for your order!

We're delighted to be working with you, we hope you found the sales process helpful and are excited about the installation. Before we can do that, there's just a couple of things that to take care of.

Step 1

You'll receive a contract package either by e-mail or through the post. Keep this safe, familiarise yourself with the job number as you'll need this handy to help us find your job in the computer system if you need to call us.

Step 2

If you haven't already done so, your deposit payment is due. Please call us on 01228 599777 and we can process the payment for you over the phone. You can also send direct bank payments, details in the quote cover letter.

Step 3

Colin J, Colin T or Cliff will get in touch with you to arrange a technical survey appointment. This is a crucial part of the process which ensures all items are correct before manufacture. We advise you are there, we need inside.

Step 4

When we've carried out survey and risk assessment, we'll order all materials and get ready to start manufacturing your order. Some items may be special order and take longer, some may be bought in complete.

Step 5

Once we know when the items will be ready for installation, Andy, Jamie or Emma will give you a call to book in your installation. There'll be a few things for you to prepare before we arrive, so read on to steps 6, 7 and 8.

Step 6

We need easy access around the work area. We advise that you move any valuable or sentimental items to protect them. Blinds/curtains are best taken down, we can assist with large items if we know.

Step 7

Our installers don't ask for much, but if you're in a permit only zone a visitor parking pass is needed. Every now and then the occasional hot drink is appreciated, but not essential.

Step 8

Our guys will liaise with you throught the install, once they're done we'll tidy up, collect the feedback form and if you're paying by cheque they'll collect this. If you're paying by card give us a call on 01228 599777.

We're done!

That's us done. Our guys will show you how to operate each product and the maintenance pack in the contract package you received in step 1 will be handy for years to come. Thanks again for your order!

Got an issue?

It's not unusual for items to settle once installed and need slight adjustment. If this is the case, call us on 01228 599777 and we'll get the service team out to you. Your job number helps us find you quicker.