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Artificial Grass Installation and Landscaping

Our customer has just moved in to a new build property, just outside Dalston in December 2016. The garden was nothing less than a big muddy mess! He wanted to create a useable, but low maintenance, outdoor space for entertaining guests and his pet to relax in! He saw one of our Facebook posts and got in touch with us to provide a quotation.

Once appointed, we calculated that in total, we would need to remove 22 tonnes of soil! We used our 3 tonne digger and our Tipper truck to remove the soil. Once dug out, we levelled off the garden, added 17 tonnes of hardcore and 8 tonnes of sand to the base. We used our industrial whacker to create the compact base required for the artificial grass installation.

Originally, when you walked into the garden through the gate, there was a single flag path round the garden. Our customer didn't think this was going to offer sufficient walking area, so we recreated the entrance which allowed is to utilise it as a contrasting feature against the grass, then also created extra paved areas to the house side and added an additional 10m2 area of paving.

The artificial grass type used was 'Newstead' which offers a vibrant green look with a springy, bounce back pile system, meaning that the grass doesn't compress and stay flattened when under placed under pressure.

Benefits & Install Guide

Artificial Grass Brochure

Artificial Grass - Quick Facts

  • Each grass range offers a unique colour and pile thickness and height to help us find the ideal product for you
  • Lawn installation service and supply only services available
  • Commercial use includes: Sports arenas, play park/play areas, leisure centres and car park finishing
  • Maintenance Free and High UV Resistance
  • Children Friendly and Pet Friendly
  • No More Growing, No Watering and No More Feeding
  • Looks Great All Seasons
  • Costs from as little as £10 per m2
  • Easy to Clean

Artificial Grass Pile Types

Others available - ask us for a sample!

Artificial Grass & Landscaping

Why World Group?

Alongside PVC Window and Door installation, we also carry out a vast range of other property improvement solutions and services, making us the ideal 'one stop shop' when you're refurbishing your property.

Apart from sounding incredibly cheesy, what else does a 'one stop shop' offer you? Put simply, it offers you peace of mind and confidence that you are using tried and tested, familiar faces to work in your home. We like to build up a relationship with our customers that lasts and builds trust.

We pride ourselves in maintaining our imacculate standards across the range of services we offer because we know this leaves you with a home to be proud of, but more importantly, a home that you feel relaxed in.

Artificial Grass Installation: Gallery

Before Artificial Grass InstallationDuring Artificial Grass InstallationAfter Artificial Grass InstallationBefore Patio AreaAfter Patio AreaBefore: Entrance SlopeAfter: Entrance SlopeDigger in Action!
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