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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered, give us a call on 01228 599777 or use our online contact forms.

How much do windows cost?

It varies on style, size and colour. If you're looking for standard white PVC windows, if you budget yourself £400-450 per window, you won't be far off.

TOP TIP! It's more cost effective to replace more than one item at a time as you make labour savings.

Do they take long to fit?

Our teams are highly experienced and can install and fully finish up to 5 items a day. Our sales and survey team will discuss job specific timescales on their site visits.

You don't need to be there for the installation, we just need method of access and will take care of the rest.

When will you fit the items?

We advise 5-6 weeks from point of order for standard windows and doors. Conservatories and Garage Doors can be slightly longer.

Construction work is discussed on site visits and can be much sooner, or take longer, depending what works we're doing.

When do I pay?

Most of our orders are subject to a 50% deposit, with the final payment due before or on the final day of installation.

More complex construction,or higher value jobs, are broken into stage payments, which will be discussed at point of quotation.

Do I need Planning Permission?

For standard window and doors, no. Sometimes in conservation areas you need certain authority and permission.

Construction and extension works do at times need planning consent, we can help advise and apply for this.

What guarantee do I get?

Our standard PVC guarantee is 10 years. Ask your sales contact for a breakdown at point of enquiry - they will normally explain this to you anyway on a site/showroom visit.

TOP TIP! Regular maintenace helps prolong the life of your products. Ask us for a free guide.

What makes World Group better?

There are a lot of options out there for Property Improvements. We pride ourselves on offering a great product, at a fair price, offering exceptional value for money.

TOP TIP! If you'd like more information on what makes us different, call us on 01228 599777.

Are they custom made?

None of our windows and doors are 'off the shelf' items. We manufacture the items bespoke for your order, as a few millimeters can make a huge difference.

TOP TIP! If you have rough sizes already, we can work off these and include for a detailed site survey.