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Triple Glazing in Carlisle, Cumbria and Dumfries, Dumfriesshire

Thousands of people a week get replacement double glazing installed into their homes across the UK. WORLD GROUP offer maximum value for money on their range of high performance double glazing. However, did you know, Triple Glazing can be over 40% more efficient than Double Glazing?

What is Triple Glazing?

Triple glazing is as simple as it sounds. Three bits of glass, two with a special coating for enhanced thermal performance, bonded with two warm edge spacer bars, both filled with argon gas. Double glazed windows are a standard product in the property improvement industry, however there are alternatives. Some people opt for the Triple Glazed product or sometimes install Secondary Glazing when they're looking at improving the energy efficiency and thermal performance of their property. Be careful, not all window suppliers and manufacturers are as honest as us, some get away with using substandard products and don't always have a Triple Glazed window that can achieve such thermal efficiency.

If you're interested in finding out more about triple glazing or getting a triple glazing quotation, give us a call on 01228 599777, or use the online contact form and we'll get back to you.

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Where can I buy Triple Glazed Windows, Doors or Conservatories?

Right here at WORLD GROUP.

We're able to offer you a full range of high performance triple glazed casement windows, triple glazed tilt and turn windows, triple glazed bay windows...the list goes on. We can also offer triple glazed pvc doors as well as triple glazed composite doors. Wether you're after a supply only order and would like triple glazing installation too, we have the resources to help you make a well informed purchase.

If you're keen to see samples or previous installations, get in touch with our Carlisle (Cumbria) branch on 01228 599777, or the Dumfries (Scotland) office on 01387 249777, where we can make all the necessary arrangements for you to get up close and personal with this fantastic product.

44mm Glazing Cross Section

How much does Triple Glazing cost?

It really depends on the style, amount and size of the windows and doors. As the only things we change are the glass unit thickness, the glazing bead and the occasional heavier duty hinge, we can keep cost increases down to a minimal amount.

A supply only triple glazed pvc door could be anywhere from £425 including VAT, to £2000 including VAT, supply only, depending on the design, glass designs and furniture on the door. One thing we can promise you is that all of our triple glazed windows and double glazed doors offer maximum value for money.

If you want to compare the cost to double glazing, our triple glazing is on average between 8-15% more expensive at point of purchase. For the small one off investment, you can achieve over 40% improvement in thermal efficiency!

Triple Glazing Top Tips!

There are hundreds of different double glazing products across the country. Some are manufactured locally, some are bought in from larger manufacturers, some are even brough in from overseas.

At World Group, we know that making the correct decision is crucial. Replacement Triple Glazing should be an investment, not just a purchase. The new Triple Glazing products should be working to save you money on your heating bills and add value to your property - whilst also enhancing the appearance! Follow our top tips below to make sure you chose the right product for you:

  • Who are the company? Do your research and find the right triple glazing installer. Are the Certass (or equivalent body) registered?
  • Do the company you've chosen manufacture their own triple glazing products? If they do, they can be more attentive and have more control over the manufcature process which helos keep high quality levels.
  • What makes their product different from what you currently have? A few questions to keep in mind are:
    - How thermally efficient are they? Ask for U-Value reports showing you the figures.
    - What low emissivity coating is used on the glass and do they use warm edge spacer bars? This is a coating to reduce heat loss.
    - What colour options are available? Ask to see their samples to ensure you make the right choice.
    - Do they use subcontractors for installation? Sometimes subcontractors are a bit heavier handed than fully employed installers, this can leave you with a poorer quality installation.
    - How long will the installation take? The average installation team will install and finish off 5 average windows a day - to a high standard. If they're quoting a day to fit a house full of triple glazed windows, they're probably rushing and not taking time!
  • What do I get for my money? What is the guarantee coverage? Why is their product worth the money you're paying? What can they offer you the customer, as a business, after point of sale and installation?

One final point worth making a note of is that the cheapest price isn't always the best value for money. Usually, if the price seems too good to be true - it is. There are various locks, handles, hinges available in the industry, some are of higher quality than others. Just because one installer is £200, £300 or even £800 (in a larger installation) more expensive than others, don't rule them out straight away - ask them why. If, like us, they use high security locks, and quality key locking handles, they're more than likely investing your money in better quality products at manufacture stage, which in turn will reduce your ongoing maintenance costs, work longer for you and last longer which in turn represent better value for money.

If you would like any more information or guidance on triple glazing give our team a call on 01228 599777, we're more than happy to help.

Can I just change the glass of my existing Double Glazed products?

It will depend on the age of the windows and who you bought them from originally.

In recent years, World Group have been manufacturing a double glazed and triple glazed profile system that changes only the glazing bead. This means, if you've bought your double glazing from World Group in this time period, the glass and glazing bead can be changed over with relative ease.

If you're not an existing World Group customer, or the products in question are a little bit older, we may still be able to help you. If the profile system used is similar in design, or the same, and the glazing bead can fit the existing windows, you're in luck.

Alternatively, you can look at 28mm triple glazing as opposed to our 44mm triple glazing option. The downside of this is that you would miss out on the wonderful thermal improvements offered to you by the 44mm option - as this combines two 16mm airspaces along with two 16mm spacer bars. TOP TIP - 16mm is the optimal performing cavity width in glazing.

Speak to us about the options and we'll be able to guide you as per your specific requirements.

Triple Glazing in Cumbria

To all of our customers in Cumbria, your work is covered with a building control registration, alongside a 10 year insurance backed guarantee. Rather than get building control out to every installation, we are a registered member of Certass which allows us to self certificate our Triple Glazing installations in Cumbria, as well as our Double Glazing installations in Cumbria.

If you're north of the border, we are not bound to the same regulations and the building control certificate is not required. Speak to us if you need any further information or guidance.

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