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Norman Street School Trip

World Group were delighted to welcome Norman Street Primary School, Carlisle, to our showroom and factory. The visit was part of their Enquiry Based Learning topic on buildings. The classes were also using the trip as a way of learning about different types of materials used for different things. Our showroom proved a very good resource!

Mr Spooner, Managing Director/Window Teacher, gave the VIP guests a 10 minute talk about why we have windows, the materials used, how we make them and answered lots questions that the two classes, Sun and Moon, had to ask. After the excitement of Mr Spooner talking, we thought it would be best for the kids to have a go, and two carfeully nominated volunteers picked a window style on the computer! They even pressed the special button that sends all the information through to our factory.

We thought that would be a good time to let them see how their window was made. Splitting into two groups, the first group were given ear plugs and taken through into the factory to watch the first window being made. The second group were left with a picture hunt activity to find the images taken round our showroom. Well done to the kids who found them all, however, some of them were really quite tricky!

After everything was finished, the classes swapped round so that both were able to make their own window.

We could see that the kids were all thirsty and probably needed a biscuit for the journey back to school, so we had a quick break before giving them all an activity set and giving them a big wave goodbye!

Have a look at the picture gallery to see some of the lovely thank you letters we got and a few snaps of the day!

Thank You Letters

We got sent some lovely letters and cards, why not have a look at them?

Thank You Letters

Have a look at the picture gallery to see more of what went on. To see all of the lovely thank you letters and cards sent it to us from the school, have a look at the blue box in the top right corner.

One of the questions Mr Spooner was asked, was what colours can we make windows in. Below are just some examples of the colours available.


Irish OakIrish Oak
Chartwell GreenChartwell Green
Norman Street made their own stained glass window

Image Gallery

Mr Spooner gives the kids some words of wisdomStarting the ProcessStarting the SawNow it's over to the welderWatching the welding processAfter we welded, cleaned and beaded it, it got assembledWatching with excitementThe windows are here!
Signing for the deliveryMr Spooner signing the customer copyMr Spooner shows off the fully glazed windowNorman Street made some excellent stained glass windowsNorman Street made some excellent stained glass windowsA few of the thank you cards we got sent
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