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Driving to Success

World Group Driving to Success

Sean Pattinson, Production Co-Ordinator and Chris Lawson, Customer Service, are both long standing, loyal, key members of the team. They've got a lot in common: hardworking, productive, polite, good with windows. But the other thing they had in common is a bit less beneficial - they didn't have a driving license!

At World Group, we value our team and we understand that investing in their futures is key to creating a stable, long term workforce that will help us drive to success. To show our appreciation for the long hours, hard work and time spent with us at World Group, we decided to fund driving lessons and tests for them.

Over the last 6 months, Sean and Chris have been working with Marie from Anchor School of Motoring, going through the usual routine of lessons, theory test and practical test. With some hard work, determination and patience (mainly from Marie!) both were able to pass their tests, first time, with flying colours!

So how does this help us? We've now got two extra team members on the road allowing us to increase the level of customer service and efficiency right across our business.

A huge congratulations goes to Sean and Chris!

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