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How to Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Tip and Facts

In the run up to Christmas 2017, our Facebook page featured some top tips on how to keep your home warm and increase your energy efficiency. Here's a quick recap for you to follow to improve your home energy efficiency. Sorry for the stark reminder that winter is coming...

Step 1 to making your home more energy efficient

Install aluminium foil behind radiators. This helps to reflect the heat back into the room rather than soaking out through the wall. Tip - put the shiny side facing towards the radiator.

Step 2 to making your home more energy efficient

Make sure radiators, fireplace and woodburning stoves aren't blocked by furniture and the heat you're paying to generate can escape into the room. After all, you're wanting to heat the house, not the back of a chair!

Step 3 to making your home more energy efficient

Use draught excluders to avoid unwanted air getting round the side or underneath doors. New seals, replacement locks are replacement hinges can help create the compression that's needed to keep the wind, rain and cold where it belongs - outside.

Step 4 to making your home more energy efficient

This one is a bit more out there, but stay with us as it really works! After cooking up your family banquet, leave the oven door ajar whilst the oven cools down and all the warmth you've already paid to generate heats your home while you eat. Please be careful as we don't want to be responsible for any cooked kids or pets.

Step 5 to making your home more energy efficient

Wooden floors certainly look lovely but aren't the best for heat retention. If you haven't got a good underlay underneath, putting down a warm rug can really help reduce heat loss, and it's also soft on your toes!

Step 6 to making your home more energy efficient

Use your curtains! This one may seem a little bit daft, but a thick set of curtains over the window can act as a barrier against heat loss. Note - like in step two, if your curtains are particularly long and cover a radiator below the window, try to sit them on top of the radiator, or get shorter curtains, so you aren't blocking heat circulate.

What else can help make my home warmer?

Replacement Windows and Doors can help to reduce the heat that escapes from your home to the outside. This means your house will be warmer, and you should save some cash on your fuel bills - double win!

Little things like making sure you lift the handle on your pvc doors to engage the locking points and create a tight compression seal also help little trickles of heat escaping, or cold getting in.

If you want any further information or assistance about any of the above, just give us a call on 01228 599777 or message us on Facebook.

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