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How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

How much does double glazing cost? Carlisle Window Installer

How much does double glazing cost?

That's a question we get asked a lot - so in this blog post, we explore just how much double glazing costs. In honesty, it varies from house to house and product to product. If you're looking for a ballpark price per window, we advise £450. Some will of course be higher, some will of course be cheaper, but this gives you quite a sensible budget guide.

The question 'How much does double glazing cost?' is one that will be met with various different answers and below we explain why different products cost different amounts, and also why some joiners or 'one man bands' are cheaper than manufacturer installers.

Do all windows cost the same?

Absolutely not. If you compare a white pvc side opening window to a blue pvc side opening window, you'll find, with us, around 20% price difference. If you look at a fancy pvc sliding sash window in comparison to a pvc side opening window, you'll find around a 40% price increase. The price differences are usually down

Is that your best price?

It's not uncommon for people to get quotations from a range of companies or individuals. That's sensible, and we advise doing exactly that. However, when you've got all the quotations, how do you know if the price is 'better'? As manufacturer installers, we are product experts and often find ourselves 15-20% more expensive than 'one man bands' or skilled trades people that offer PVC installation services. The difference, as we see it, is the product support, knowledge and down line back up we offer.

It's worth checking that all parties have priced 'like for like' and that some aren't excluding things that can add extra cost, such as energy coated glass. Some of the less honest people in the industry will try to pull a fast one and have caused the glazing industry to have a shady reputation.

Are all the window colours the same price?

No, not usually. White windows are the cheapest option, follow by Rosewood and Golden Oak. After these, most of the wider range of foiled colours are the same price. We also offer a custom colour spray service that is priced in accordance to requirements.

Why are self employed joiners sometimes cheaper than companies?

Generally speaking, the joiners will buy the windows from either a local manufacturer or what we call a 'super fabricator' - ie a national company that manufacture 500+ windows a week - then charge you a slight mark up and materials and their labour rate. As they're self employed, or perhaps with a small number of employees, their overheads are lower. Most companies need to cover the costs of all employees and the running costs of the business. It is not usually the company being dishonest and charging over the odds.

Will new windows reduce my energy bills?

This totally depends on the individual house, the area you live and the product you install. If we look at a 3 bedroom detached house in Carlisle, you're going to save on average £250 per year on your energy bills. With the average cost of replacement glazing in central Carlisle (with white double glazed windows) coming in between £2500 - £3000, this means your windows will have paid for themself in around 10 years.

Our windows will comfortably last 20 years, when looked after properly, so you've got plenty of time before you need to spend any more money!

There are loads of other variables that can contribute to cost differences in windows and doors, for more information or if you want to speak to someone about one of our products, give us a call on 01228 599777.

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