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World Group are getting Plastered!

Plastering and Tiling in Carlisle, Dumfries, Cumbria and Dumfriesshire

It's nearly Christmas, and that means we've booked our Christmas party. That means one of two things.

1) Everyone will get drunk.

2) Everyone will get drunk.

But that isn't the definition of plastered we're most proud of.

At the start of October, we were delighted to offer Adam Byers a home in our Site Works family. Adam is currently enrolled on his 2nd year plastering course at Carlisle College and has excelled in his quality and ability leading to us offering him his first opportunity to impress everyone with his work.

A competent plasterer, an impressive tiler and also a commendable renderer, we've chucked Adam in right at the deep end. His first job: external rendering including bell-cast work. Unfazed by the complexity of the task, Adam set to work in Windermere and the outcome was brilliant.

Not letting him rest on his laurels, we then shipped him out to Nealhouse where he started tiling a floor - again, the first time he's ever done it out of the college environment. How did he do? Incredibly well.

Adam's addition to the team means we're able to increase the plastering in Carlisle, through Cumbria and Dumfriesshire we can offer. What's more, he's already proved that we can competently offer tiling, rendering and all internal finishing services through Carlisle, Cumbria and Dumfriesshire.

Welcome to the team Adam!

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