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Dr. Window

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"Dr. Dr. My window has stopped breathing!"

'Doctor'. It's a term that is normally associated with the medical profession. If your body isn't working quite right or is showing unfamiliar symptoms, we often pop to see our GP. It's initially quite bizarre, therefore, that people also use the term when talking about double glazing repairs or pvc reapirs. 'The Window Doctor' is a commonly used phrase and trading name by several tradesmen throughout the country.

Now, where these are all very handy when you need a broken window fixed. However, we're more interested in preventing the windows from failure. This in turn prevents the need to call a 'Window Doctor', and hopefully saves you some pennies.

When we buy cars, to prevent endless trips to the Car Doctor (more commonly referred to as the 'mechanic' or the 'garage') we spend a lot of time filling them up with fuel, water, coolant and oil. We also clean them, inside and outside. If we don't use them for prolonged periods of time, it's common for the batteries to die. This same logic should be transferred into PVC products. We receive calls, weekly, from customers who say, "you fit windows for us six or seven years ago and they're broken". But, if we dig a little deeper and check that the recommended bi monthly - quarterly maintenance has been carried out, we often come to the same conclusion... No.

PVC property improvements should be seen as an investment and not just a purchase. Through time, the windows and doors should add value to your home, reduce energy bills and create extra kerbside appeal for your property. We should also invest some of our time, however prescious, into ensuring we look after them. Below are a few top tips on keeping your windows in tip top shape:

  1. Use them! - It's surprising how inactive windows can start to feel the lack of love that is shown towards them. Whilst most components are to a degree 'self lubricating', if the items aren't moving to self lubricate, they will soon seize and get stiff.
  2. Keep them clean - inside and out - We often get a window cleaner to keep the glass clean, but it's incredible the difference it can make if you keep the PVC elements clean on the inside and outside. Open the window up and you'll likely see some hinges, some 'lock keeps' and probably the odd dead spider and some dirt. This isn't how you bought them! Use a small paint brush and cloths to get in the hard to reach areas and keep them clean as a whistle. They'll look better for longer, too!
  3. Lubricate regularly - Spray oil on moving parts every few months helps to keep the products working as they should. All moving parts need a bit of grease every now and again. For more specific guidance on how to carry out maintenance, speak to our team - 01228 599777.

Following the simple steps above can help the amount of times you need to call a 'Window Doctor' out to your property and will help you reduce your window and door medical bills!

Free PVC Product Maintenance Download!

If you would like further information or guidance on maintenance and upkeep of your PVC products, visit the HomeCare section of our website, or speak to us on 01228 599777.

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