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Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing

Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing | World Group | Which is better?

Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing

You've heard of Double Glazing, it's been around for a few decades now. However, have you been introduced to his younger brother, Triple Glazing?

What is Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is as simple as it sounds. Three bits of glass, two with a special coating for enhanced thermal performance, bonded with two warm edge spacer bars, both filled with argon gas. Some people opt for the Triple Glazed product when they're looking at improving the energy efficiency and thermal performance of their property.

In short, Triple Glazing is a relatively new product that is here to take over from Double Glazing as market leader.

Be careful, not all window suppliers and manufacturers are as honest as us, some get away with using substandard products and don't always have a Triple Glazed window that can achieve such thermal efficiency. Our Triple Glazing can achieve 0.8 u-value - which in layman's terms is incredibly thermally efficient.

What are the differences between Double Glazing and Triple Glazing?

At World Group, not a great deal.

With our Triple Glazing products, we are able to use the same frame, the same locks, the same handles. We can even use the same reinforcing, weld them in the same machines and they're the same 70mm depth as our Double Glazing. "How do we do this?", I hear you beg. By changing the glazing bead design, we're able to accomodate a wider glazed unit within the same glazing chamber. Apart from the bead and the glass, the only thing we may change is a hinge so that it's loaded to carry a heavier glazed unit. Pretty impressive, right?

So, what does this mean for you as a homeowner? Minimal cost increases. With Triple Glazing averaging between a 5 and 15% (one off payment) increase at point of order, the returns of 42% increase in thermal efficiency (compared to a Double Glazed window) is pretty damn impressive - gracier le français.

From the outside, with our product, you won't notice the difference. The main differences you'll notice are:

  1. Glazing bead will pertrude away from the frame more so than double glazing bead.
  2. Thermal efficiency greatly improved, heat loss greatly reduced.
  3. Acoustic protection from outside greatly improved.

Believe it or not there are some people in the local market place that think Triple Glazing is a bit of a fad, a con some may say. Why this happens, we're not entirely sure, we think it's to do with cost of manufacture. For us, there are no manufacture cost increases, all you pay is the increase in glass cost - some people don't have that flexbility and are hit with extra charges making manufacturing Triple Glazing more expensive.

One thing we do know is that Triple Glazing is a serious product, and it's here to stay! We're that confident, we're covering our Triple Glazed products with a 10 year guarantee.

Want to know more on Triple Glazing?

Have a look at our Triple Glazing info page on the website.

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