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Triple Glazing: How's it Going?

Triple Glazing Windows and Doors

Let's review how it's gone

In 2012 we ventured to market with our new 44mm Triple Glazing. We were met with intrigue and interest, but we were also met with questions and dismissal from the local industry naysayers. Here is our honest review of how it's gone.

The challenges we faced

An industry that has manufactured and sold double glazing for thirty odd years isn't expected to jump all resources into the as yet untested triple glazing. We were not scared by the new product - we were incredibly excited. We were also up against the lack of awareness with home owners having not yet heard much about triple glazing, other than it being used occasionally on grand designs!

The biggest challenge we faced, however, was other local and national manufacturers discrediting triple glazing simply because it was new, or they could not yet manufacture it. They key to why we believe the triple glazing we have was so special is the 44mm glass unit thickness. We have utilised 2 x 16mm cavities - 16mm is the optimum performing cavity within a sealed glazing unit. Some competitors offering as narrow as 30mm triple glazing, so the benefits were simply not worth the cost uplift for customers.

Director Matthew Spooner commented "It is ludicrous that other local 'experts' in the field are so unreceptive to change and happy to mislead customers that they have a duty to advise correctly of all available products. It is dishonest and lazy business".

How we overcame challenges

We spent a lot of time making sure our team were skilled up with the facts and information that customers needed. Pushing customers down the triple glazing route wasn't going to help and we have spent decades being anything but a pushy sales team.

Price point helped a great deal. We were fortunate not to need mass changes to products. All we have to change is the unit thickness and the glazing bead, making triple glazing for us an exceptionally cost effective uplift, thus allowing us to honestly pass these minimal increases on to customers and still be competitive.

When we put the 40% reduction in heat loss, combined with the additional purchase cost of between 5-12% in front of customers, it started to change the original perception that the market place held.

Has it taken off?

Year on year we have seen steady growth in triple glazing sales. Just under 50% of what we installed during 2018 was triple glazed. We would class this as a success.

Is there still work to do?

44mm Triple Glazing is a great product that is starting to become a lot more common. The industry still has naysayers, we still see local companies and trades discrediting triple glazing but after decades of knowing double glazing, change may be scary.

We still have a couple of products that can not accommodate the 44mm triple glazing - sliding patio doors and sliding sash windows - but we are confident over the next couple of years the popularity of triple glazing will lead to further industry development.

Our verdict

We are proud to be able to offer such low u-values (and high thermal efficiency) to customers for such little extra cost. Triple Glazing is here to stay!

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