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A Greener World Group

These days, we all recognise that we have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment. "WORLD GROUP is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of all our activities and operations whilst ensuring compliance with all relevant Environmental Legislation

Central to this commitment are our policies of responsible sourcing of construction materials, Manufacturing and installing energy efficient products and recycling of nearly all our post-consumer process waste.

Products to help to reduce your carbon footprint

How your purchase performs during its lifespan is an important factor in reducing your carbon footprint. Our property improvement products can be designed to be market leading in terms of performance and energy efficiency to provide years of reliable, low cost efficient service to keep you carbon footprint as low as possible.

Our standard double glazed windows have a multi-chamber design that makes it easy to achieve a Window Energy Rating of A+, the highest rating there is. And by choosing our triple glazed windows, it is possible to achieve a U value of just 0.8. (In comparison, a standard single glazed window typically has a U value of 4.8.) For more information about the energy ratings and U-value performace of our products see (Link to Performance),

Recycling Benefits

It's a common misconception that old plastic and PVCU windows and doors cannot be recycled. The reality is that PVC-U is one of the most sustainable materials available in the property improvement industry.

Thanks to some very smart new technology, older, less efficient casement units can be broken down into their component materials, each of which can be fully recycled..


PVC-U Sustainability

Reclaimed PVC-U can therefore be broken down and used to manufacture brand new building products such as fascias, soffits and reinforcement for windows.

Research has shown that PVC-U products have a life cycle of 35 years and can be recycled up to 10 times. With a total possible lifecycle of 350 years resulting is product that will deliver optimum energy ratings and guarantee significant savings in terms of energy and cost and deliver truly sustainable property improvements.

The table below indicates financial & Co2 gas emmision savings that can be achieved with World Group energy efficient windows.

A Greener World Group
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