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Glazing Options

We know that not everyone is the same. Some pople want replacement DOUBLE GLAZING, some people want replacement TRIPLE GLAZING, some people want really fancy glass and some just want it as plain as possible. For us, the important thing is making sure that all the options are as energy efficient, high performance as possible.

Bathrooms are commonly found with an obscure or patterned glass in the windows. To have a look at our wide range of obscure glass options, have a look at the brochure by clicking the image in the blue box to the right.

Our obscure glass range are rated in levels from 1-5. Level 1 offers the least visual protection and privacy, whereas Level 5 offers the most. There are always other ways of obscuring vision or decorating the glass. For a few more ideas, more information, or to see some samples, why not give us a call on 01228 599777 or using the online contact form below.

If you're wanting a little bit more guidance or advice on chosing between double or triple glazing, click here.

Obscure Glass Options

Click below to view obscure glass brochure

Obscure Glass Brochure

Triple Glazing in Cumbria.

We're very fortunate in Cumbria to be surrounded by some lovely properties. There's no better way to improve the thermal performance of your windows and doors than to install Triple Glazed windows and doors.

For the last few years we've been installing excellent value for money triple glazing in and around Cumbria, Southwest Scotland and the Lakes.

Double Glazing & Triple Glazing: Bead Sections

28mm Glazing Bead44mm Glazing Bead
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